BDU Sniper Ghillie Pants

BDU Sniper Ghillie Pants


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• This suit is pre-treated with a Class “A”
• Built on Military BDU Pants
• Urethane Coating for water repellency

The BDU Sniper Pants Ghillie is made in the USA and is built using a tough BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) Pants. This is the Sniper version of the BDU Pants which means that the front of the pants are left bare of Jute Thread. The front is instead reinforced with a layer or Cordura to make it last through long sniper crawls. The Sniper BDU Ghillie is tough enough to last through a military training course.

This BDU Pants use the original Jute thread which makes them almost twice as heavy as our Ultra-Light version. Some prefer this style because the Jute thread is sewn directly to the BDU.

You can still add local vegetation to this suit by tying it on using the Jute thread. Not having netting helps this suit to not “hang up” as much in heavy brush.

BDU Sniper Pants

The BDU Sniper Pants are built the same as the BDU jacket. Jute thread
is sewn directly on to Military BDU trousers. These are made by “ATLANCO”.
The Jute thread is sewn on to the back of the pants and a 1000 Denier
Cordura Plus Material is sewn on to the front for those long sniper
crawls. The Cordura “Plus” means it has a Urethane Coating
for water repellency The weight of the BDU Sniper Pants is about 3.5 lbs.

On the BDU Jacket the length on the small is 29″ from the bottom of the collar down, 32″ on the Regular and 35″ on the Long

Care Instructions: If the suit needs cleaning just hand wash and hang it out to dry. On the Jute suits you will need to reapply fire retardant after washing.

NOTE; Because this is a custom suit all returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs

Woodland, Mossy, Leafy, Desert


Small Short, Small Regular, Small Long, Medium Short, Medium Regular, Medium Long, Large Short, Large Regular, Large Long, X-Large Regular, X-Large Long, 2X-Large Regular, 2X-Large Long, 3X-Large Regular, 3X-Large Long, 4X-Large Regular