Airsoft Ghillie Suit

Airsoft Ghillie Suit

When looking for a Airsoft Ghillie Suit. You’ll be faced with a daunting amount of choices. My aim is to help you weed out the proper suit for you You will come across 2 main types of suits. The jacket and pants style and the poncho.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you will be crawling around or playing upright most of the time.

If you are going to be laying or crawling on the ground, you would want to stay away from the poncho style suits that simply drape over you. You would want a suit that wraps around you as this jacket and pants would.

The poncho style Airsoft Ghillie Suit is best for upright stalk, squatting or sitting down. Once you start trying to crawl around in it, it can become a hassle

Also, you want an suit that causes as little interference with your movement as possible.

A full body suit can interfere with your movement somewhat. But you do have options availabe such as the ghillie tracker suit which gives you sleeves and covers your torso.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the suit.

You don’t want to pack on more wieght than necessary. That is why bushrag has synthetic airsoft ghillie suit such as this ultra-light jacket and pants set that cuts the weight down to just 3.5lbs.

If you have to put up with allergies like I do, you should seriously conside a synthetic suit. One more option is the bulls-eye suit.