Build Your Own Sniper BDU Ghillie Jacket


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This Custom BDU can take 5-10 days to build and ship.

• Build a Custom Pattern BDU Sniper Ghillie Jacket
• Comes with netting pre-sewn to BDU
• Simply purchase the Jute or Synthetic thread and tie it to the netting
• Made in the USA.

With the BYO (Build Your Own) Sniper Jacket you simply purchase the Traditional Jute or Synthetic Ultra-Light Jute and tie it to the netting that we have pre-sewn to the BDU Jacket. Some Snipers prefer to build their own Ghillie Suit and may want to use Traditional Jute instead of Synthetic and with this you can go either way.

For the Desert Pattern BDUs we will use Tan colored netting.

You can use your own materials to garnish the jacket, or order our synthetic or Jute thread. If you order our thread, the jacket only needs about 2-3 bundles, or 1-1.5 pounds of thread. The Jacket does not have a built on hood so you can order our BYO Boonie hood to match your jacket.

BYO BDU Sniper Jacket

Our nylon netting is sewn directly to a Military BDU Jacket. The netting is double stitched to the jacket for maximum durability.

We have reinforced the front of the BDU Jacket and under the sleeves with Urethane coated 1000 Denier Cordura Plus material. The Urethane coating makes the front of the suit waterproof.

All the pockets have been removed so you won’t feel the bumps when crawling. The buttons have been replaced with Velcro so you have instant access to the jacket. Thumb loops have been sewn in the sleeves so the sleeves won’t slide up your arm when crawling.

NOTE: Because this is a custom suit all returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Weight 3 lbs
BDU Pattern

Woodland, 3 Color Desert, ATD All Terrain Digital, Multicam


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