Ghillie Suit Kits

In the Ghillie Suit Kits section you will find materials and kits needed to make your own ghillie suit. To some professionals such as military snipers, a ghillie suit is an important piece of equipment and their life may depend on it. So snipers will generally want to make their own suits using a ghillie kit.

We have Jute ghillie suit kits or Ultra-Light Kits available. With the standard kits you get enough material to make a full coverage suit. You get a 5 x 9 foot piece of netting and an assortment of ghillie material depending on the pattern you choose. You may get a custom ghillie kit and choose your own colors. The tracker kits are smaller and come with a 4 x 5 piece of netting so you can make a partial coverage ghillie suit.

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