Bulls-Eye 4 Piece Ghillie Suit

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The Bulls-Eye is a full coverage Suit that will help conceal you and your rifle or bow from head to foot. It also has a few advanced features. The Ultra-Light Jute is attached to the suit in such a way that it will not pull out when you snag up on something. We have also cut slots in the jacket so you can access the side pockets of anything you are wearing underneath.

It includes a draw string duffel bag for easy transport and storage.


The Bulls-Eye suit has a 2 layer construction design. The first or base layer is a lightweight breathable No-See-Um fabric. Using a shell like this as a base makes the suit more comfortable to wear and feels smooth to the skin so you can wear a T-shirt underneath.

The Ultra-Light Jute is attached so it will not pull out when you snag up on branches or brush. The Jute is first woven together and then sewn on the the base layer.

Breathable Inner No-See-Um fabric Shell.
Quick Release Snaps.
Elastic Waist and Cuffs.
Openings in Jacket pocket area so you can reach your clothes underneath.

Inner Camouflage No-See-Um fabric Shell.
Elastic Waist with Adjustable Drawstring.
Elastic Ankles.
Snaps on the cuffs to make it easier to pull over shoes.
Openings in Pants pocket area to reach clothing underneath


This is a pull over hood with a bug liner in the face area. It has a drawstring to secure it under your chin and also a drawstring to tighten it around the top of your head if necessary.
Sun visor.

Rifle Wrap
The Rifle Wrap is an elastic band with Ultra-Light Jute attached . Simply wrap it around your gear and secure it using the elastic Loop Ends.

Ultra-Light Synthetic Jute is: • Water-proof • Rot-proof • Mildew resistant • Fire-retardant • Washable • Odor-less • Non-Allergenic • NO UV Brighteners

Size Pants Waist Inseam Length of pants Jacket length Jacket chest
Medium-Large 28″ – 42″ 25″ 40″ 26″ 42″
X-Large-2X-Large 30″ – 48″ 27″ 41″ 27″ 46″


Weight 4 lbs

Woodland, Mossy


Medium/Large, XLarge/2XLarge

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42 reviews

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6 reviews with a 4-star rating

  1. Tom

    Delivery was fast , product fit little tight due to my stature but overall good product . We will see how it stands up during deer season.

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  2. Dustin

    The product is nice for the price. Some strings were falling out as soon as I got it out of the package, but I think that’s just because of how it’s made. From the shopping I did, the ones that guarantee no string loss are much higher. For mild hunting, this is more than enough and GREAT BARGAIN!

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  3. Ryan Klausz

    I like the entire suit, it’s great. The way it comes packed though is a real pain. They shove it into a bag so tightly compacted, that you have to comb out the knots to make it look natural. After that though, it’s great!

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  4. Andrew

    I ordered this suit around 3 weeks ago and have had a little time to test it out and see how it compares to other products I own. Ordering: This suit was quite an experience trying to order. The first attempt did not get processed and I was on a deadline to receive this suit. Thankfully, this site has one of the most AMAZING customer services on the web. Over the course of 3 days and 5 phone calls –TO ME– (trying to work out the order for me) they were able to pull my suit off the line, send it to another address where I would be, and had it to me 3 days later!10/5Suit:First off, the Desert color depicted in the product image is misleading… make sure to look at the other colors in the sideshow to really determine what you want. I fell into that hole, and thankfully was only using this as a base for my own project. But, as stated in a prior comment the jute was VERY bright and shiny and desperately needs to be broken in. I HIGHLY recommend finding a swampy-muddy, hole and roll around until the suit is a damp dirty-mess, let it dry, then bang out the clumps! I have also sewn on black hair bands to the suit to hold natural foliage4/5Durability:I have already had the drawstring for the hood come out (use a safety-pin to put it back in as if you were threading a needle) also one of the boot-straps at the bottom has already come apart and is needing repair. The jute comes off like a shedding animal, and I developed a tail of strings and leaves off both legs after 2 uses forcing me to trim it! The suit as a whole though, seems fairly sturdy and well built. 3/5I have used and own other suits such as the 4-piece stealth suit and a homemade ghillie. Home-made are by far a higher quality, and this beats the stealth suit 2x over. So as far as I can determine, this is a happy medium. If you are going to use it for turkey hunting, photography, airsoft, or paintball, go head, this will serve you well.4/5

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  5. Nelson

    Let me first say that when I placed my order, it was processed and shipped in a very timely manner. When I received the ghillie suite, my first impression was disappointment. The synthetic materials of the suit was not like that of a standard BDU type ghillie. As advertised, the synthetic juite thread is sewn on the ghillie.This made me wonder how I was going to attach natural vegetation onto the suit. The colors where brighter then that of natural juite which also made me wonder how long it would take to break in the suit. The first time I took it out to the field in order to start breaking it in, I drug it around juite side down. To my suprise, the synthetic juite clung onto the majority of the loose vegitation that it passed over. It was drug over leaves, pine needles, dried grass,small twigs and sticks. When I put on the pants, it had a draw string around the waist. It also had belt loops to add a belt. There are 2 slits where the pockets are in order to access pockets from pants or shorts that you may be wearing underneath. The jacket is secured by velcro that runs along the whole front edge of the jacket. The head piece is also secured to the jacket by velcro. The suit felt lightweight and comfortable. I wore shorts and a t-shirt under it. I live in Florida which gets very hot and humid. I was amazed that I did not get overheated and actually felt a breeze flowing through. It allowed my body heat to escape and the breeze to keep me cool. The juite and natural vegitation on my back did not make me feel the direct sun. It actually felt like it created a slight thermal barrier. On my first skirmish with the ghillie suite and matching gun wrap, that was ordered from you, it worked flawlessly. Once I repeated the process of dragging the suite for the field I was playing in, I became invisible! I had people pass within 3 ft and did not know I was there. I had 1 person actually trip over the barrel of my gun, thanks to the gun wrap, and was shocked that I was there and he did not see me. I’m glad he was on my side, I was looking through my scope at that time. I now love this suite. The ease of applying natural vegitation, and the ability of preventing me from overheating during the summer heat is fantastic. The only downside I see is that no reinforcement on the knees and elbow areas. With as much ground movement as I do, I feel these areas will wear down fast although it has not been proven at this time. This is the only reason it did not get a 5 star rating. As for the rest of the suite, I have not had enough wear time to determine its durability. If you are looking for a ghillie suite that does not need to be of military spec, and does not cost an arm and a leg, then I would highly recommend this suit for you.

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  6. Matthew

    The suit was not exactly what i expected. i would like it to be a little more durable and the string thicker. but overall everything was surprisingly good. i actually like it allot. i think i got what i paid for it. overall i give it a four out of five.

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