Paintball Ghillies

We recommend a jacket and pants set for your Paintball Ghillie Suit. In a game of paintball you may need to re position quickly and a full length poncho style suit will just slow you down. Our Jacket and Pants come in 2 and 3 layer construction designs. The 2 layer Suits have the Ghillie thread sewn directly to the base layer. The 3 layer design has a fine mesh as a base. On top of the mesh is our netting on which the thread is tied. This makes it easier to customize the suit during a game.

The Ultralight Jacket and Pants suit is our most customizable suit with netting as a second layer so you can add additional vegetation to perfect the pattern to your immediate surroundings. This option is not available on all the suits. As the seasons change you can alter the pattern of your suit using this method.

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