Titan Leafy Camouflage Blanket Blind Cover 5′ X 8′


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The new advanced leafy camouflage system with 3 patented patterns from Mossy Oak! Sized large at 5’x8′.

Use this as a Blanket or Blind Cover. Camouflage your boat or gear with this premium product from The Ghillie Suits.

The Advantages:

  1.  It’s SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT, LESS THAN 2 POUNDS – Made on a strong Breathable No-See-Um Liner.
  2. DOES NOT SNAG OR PICK UP DEBRIS – The 3D leaves do not catch onto branches, pick up twigs and stickers. This blind is great for heavily wooded areas, areas with thick and tall brush. But it is also equally effective in open grassy plains.
  3. SOFT LARGE DYNAMIC LEAVES. Our detailed deep leaf cuts make the leaves stand out more, giving you more depth in your 3D profile. We use a special material that produces a soft yet firm leaf. This causes the leaves to protrude more but also allows them to sway in the wind giving you additional dynamic camouflage, and with the two sided printing, when a leaves move, you are still concealed.
  4. Comes in size 5′ x 8′
  5. 3 color choices Mossy Oak – NWTF, Break-Up Country, RIO
  6. We included Tie Down loops on the ends to secure it to a tree or blind.

Obsession NWTF, Break-up Country, Rio