Military BDU Ghillies

Our Military Ghillie Suits are made of heavy duty BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) jacket and pants. You can choose between the Jute or the Ultralight version of suit. The BDU suits are also available in the sniper version with the front left bare for an easier crawling stalk!
The Jute version of the suit has the Jute material sewn directly to the BDU fabric There is no netting to help with additional customization. You can add vegetation to the suit by tying it to the jute fibers.. Fire retardant material must also be applied whenever the suit is washed as jute is flammable.
The Ultralight BDU Ghillie Suits have netting attached to the BDU as a base. The ultralight ghillie thread is then tied to the netting. This way you can easily add add vegetation to the suits for better camouflage. The Ultralight BDU suits are also customizable. You choose the pattern of the BDUs, the pattern of the ghillie portion, and then wether or not the pockets are open or closed.

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